'Sara' is the latest creation of Tiago Bettencourt. In it, Tiago works on the duality of the name given to the song; the 'Sara', his girlfriend, and the act of 'Sarar', which means ‘to heal’ a wound caused by the most beautiful and unexpected emotion: love. Under the direction of André Gaspar, the song's story takes us on a struggling relationship's second chance. Shot backwards, it addresses the narrative in the same way that it is captured in each line of Tiago’s words; in a spiral of sensations, where hope, anger, misunderstanding and beating of two hearts lie. if Tiago's words need no introduction, the visual journey on which this great song takes us elevates his art even more – we’re thrown into the couple's intimacy, into a hurricane of sensations, the turbulence of a process of discussion that takes place in their last encounter. Right there, in their last moment, all the desires, frustrations, dreams and disappointments, are audible in the voice of Tiago - who grabs us by the heart - and visible on the unique look of André, who uses a classical mise-èn-scene in a form of a spiral, giving us a place in the close ring where the narrative takes place, from which we cannot take our eyes, wanting to know more, to see more, to do something on their behalf; In the end, love sets us free as well as it holds us tight into an emotional game where reason cannot give any cards. "

Francisco Toscano Silva
Produtora: Diffuse ( diffuse-studios.com ) 
Realizador: André Gaspar
Atriz: Mafalda Lencastre
Director de fotografia: David Marques
Ass. Realização: João Correia e Pedro Teixeira
Produtor: Guilherme Carvalho
Ass. Imagem: Diana Amaro
Gaffer: Jorge Pereira
Edição: Guilherme Afonso
Direção de Arte: Bernardo de Oliveira e Madalena Assunção
Make Up & Hair: Inês Aguiar
Correção de cor: Pedro Teixeira
Press : Francisco Toscano Silva
Inês Valenti 
Joao Madeira da Silva
Tania Gaspar
David Marques
Francisco Toscano Silva
Guilherme Afonso
David Marques
Rita Castelo Branco
Sandra Tomé
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Sofia Leite
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