UEFA - 'EURO 2020 Logo Launch'

Here it is, EURO 2020 Logo Launch film by Nebula.
Starting from the visual identity signed by Y&R Portugal, this film features a bridge meant to symbolise the unity of the 13 cities where the competition is going to be held. The other 13 films were developed in 2D, each one created for a specific host city. The challenge here was also to keep the identity when pushing it to 3D. The soundtrack is original, composed by our partners Tambourine. 

Agency: Young & Rubicam Portugal
Creative Director: Hélder Pombinho
Designers: Tiago Menezes / Bernardo Neves / Bernardo Majer
Managing Director: Pedro Gonzalez
Project Manager: Inês Batuca
Production: Nebula Studios
Executive Producers: João Marchante
Director: Guilherme Afonso
3D Modelling: João Jacinto / João Batista / Bruno Sousa
3D Animation: João Batista / Rafael Sousa / Bruno Sousa / Sebastião Lopes
Light Setup & Render: João Batista
Compositing: Miguel Madaíl / João Batista
2D Animation: Rafael Sousa
Music Composition: Tambourine
Sound Design: Ergonoise