UEFA - ‘EURO 2020 Logo Launch’

EURO 2020 Logo Launch film by Nebula. 
Starting from the visual identity signed by Y&R Portugal, the film features a bridge meant to symbolise the unity of the 13 cities where the competition is going to be held. The soundtrack is original, composed by our partners Tambourine. 
The other 13 films we produced, each one created for a specific host city, were developed in 2D. The challenge here was also to keep the identity when pushing it to 3D.

Agency: Young & Rubicam Portugal
Creative Director: Hélder Pombinho
Designers: Tiago Menezes / Bernardo Neves / Bernardo Majer
Managing Director: Pedro Gonzalez
Project Manager: Inês Batuca
Production: Nebula Studios
Executive Producers: João Marchante
Director: Guilherme Afonso
3D Modelling: João Jacinto / João Batista / Bruno Sousa
3D Animation: João Batista / Rafael Sousa / Bruno Sousa / Sebastião Lopes 
Light Setup & Render: João Batista
Compositing: Miguel Madaíl / João Batista
2D Animation: Rafael Sousa 
Music Composition: Tambourine
Sound Design: Ergonoise