Yo-Yo Ma - Bach: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude (Official Video)

Entering 2019, NEBULA continues its international expansion signing the direction and the production of Yo-Yo Ma newest music video, where the world-renowned cellist brings to life one of the most beautiful classical partitures: The Prélude for Suite N.1 by Bach. The result? An inspiring video that takes us on a cultural journey through the art of self-expressing.

Yo-Yo Ma is a name that requires no presentation. However, he’s someone who we'll always have the pleasure to speak about for hours. Born in Paris to a family of Chinese origin with strong musical influence, Yo-Yo Ma was a prodigy child who appeared in American television at the age of eight in a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein. He attended the Juilliard School and soon enjoyed extraordinary fame for playing with some of the best orchestras in the world. Among his vast work are the recordings and interpretations of Johann Sebastian Bach's most acclaimed solo violoncello suites.

In the video, directed by André Gaspar and produced in New York, Yo-Yo Ma music is embodied by dancing lines that travel through space and time connecting all races and creeds. As the cellist personally describes "the way we express ourselves and understand one another defines how we can all live in one single world”.

NEBULA’s work is sealed by Renato Marques Art Direction while counting with Gaul Porat unique eye as Director of Photography and the Creative Direction of Hugo Veiga - the brilliant mastermind behind the Dove campaign - and Peter Lund. The project is a joint work with AKQA three locations: San Francisco, Paris and San Paulo.

The project is a joint work with AKQA three locations: San Francisco, Paris and San Paulo.

Credits :

Production : Nebula - www.nebula-studios.com 
Director : André Gaspar
Art Director : Renato Marques
Director of photography : Gaul Porat
Executive production: Liliana Ramires
Edit : Madlen Sieghartsleitner
Compositing: Pedro Morais, Luis Simões , Eduarda Lima
Color correction : Carlos Flores
Producer : Jason hammel, Ana Fino
Steadycam operator : Victor Lazaro 
Assitant Director : David Ketterer

Agency : AKQA San Francisco , AKQA CasaAKQA Paris
Creative director : Hugo Veiga, Peter Lund