Yorn - CorlYorn Episode IX 'Negócios Yorn'

Vodafone Portugal wanted to create a ficcional character to be in charge of the Yorn business from that point on. With the purpose of giving a new life to the its deals and bundles, and shifting to a whole new identity, Vito CorlYorn & family are born. 

Client : Vodafone Portugal
Agency: Brandia
Production : Nebula studios / Take it Easy
Post Production Manager: Guilherme Afonso
Producer: João Marchante
Character Modelling - José Alves da Silva
3D Animation - João Pires 
2D Animation - Miguel Madaíl
3D Modelling - Miguel Madaíl / Bruno Pereira / Marco Leal
Lighting / Render / Compositing - Miguel Madaíl
Sound : Indigo