Nebula Studios - 3D/2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Film
About Nebula Studios


Nebula is an award winning creative animation studio that creates unique visual storytelling for advertising, film, games, music videos, broadcast, new media and entertainment. We specialize in 3D/2D Animation, Motion Graphics, and live action film.

We deliver impacting stories and visuals for clients worldwide. From ideation to final production, micro and macro worlds, live or animated, there's a whole universe of creativity we thrive on. In 2017 we started cloud based production with our first original animated, Oscars listed short film "Don't Feed These Animals", and today we are anywhere and everywhere. We are Nebula.

International Award - anima cordoba
International Award - Amazing shorts film festival
International Award - chaging face film festival
International Award - bucharest short film festival
Oscars Academy Awards
International Award - Monstra short film festival
International Award - Independent short film festival
International Award - Amazing short film festival