Welcome to Don't Feed These Animals production diary page. DFTA is a short film that's being produced by Nebula Studios. It's our first independent animation project and we are thrilled to share it with you.  We will be posting 5 behind-the-scenes episodes and several other extra contents.  Hope you enjoy it.

Don’t Feed These Animals | Official Trailer (2019)

NEBULA STUDIOS presents the story of an hungry lab bunny who accidentally gives life to his favourite food and now he needs to make unexpected alliances against a bigger threat!

DFTA Production Diaries - ‘#5 EPI’

In this 5# episode it’s all about sound and music. Meet our sound design partners Ergonoise and the composer Steve Rucker. Perfect match for the best ending of our production diary series.

Tutorial Procedural Metal Material w/ Redshift

Here’s another tutorial by one of DFTA's Directors and Lead 3D artist Miguel Madaíl de Freitas on Procedural Metal Material with Redshift. Watch the creation of a dynamic, semi procedural metal material that can easily be used to shade hundred of objects, without the need for complex texturing and unwrapping. From a rusty and dusty old metal, to shiny new jewellery, the possibilities are endless!

DFTA Production Diaries - ‘#4 EPI’

In this 4th - out of 5 - Production Diary, our director and Lead 3D Artist Miguel Madaíl and CG Generalist Rafael Sousa talk about our decisions and pipeline on the rendering process, as well as the partners involved, Redshift, Nvidia, GridMarkets and OrionVM. 

The work is in progress and this episode also leaves you with a taste of how Don’t Feed These Animals is coming along. We hope you like it!

DFTA Production Diaries - ‘#3 EPI’

In the #3 episode of DFTA Production Diaries, we will be talking about the animation process. Directors Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl explain their vision and some of the animators involved, namely Eric Dias, Rik Goddard, Sebastião Lopes and FX TD Francesco Giugliano, talk about their approach and insights into this project.

Maxon C4D Rigging Set-ups

Shifting an entire pipeline to MAXON Cinema 4D was quite an experience and we did have an expert in our team. In this short tutorial, João Batista approaches the rigging tools. Hope you enjoy it. 

DFTA Production Diaries - ‘#2 EPI’

In our #2 episode of DFTA Production Diaries, CG Generalist Rafael Sousa and 3d Artist João Batista will introduce you to part of the sculpting and modelling techniques, while Miguel Madaíl de Freitas mentions some of the ‘cool aspects’ of working with hair in C4D.

Long Story Short - DFTA at FMX 2018

We will be at FMX  between the 24th and 26th of April by Invitation of our supporter Maxon. Our Directors Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas will share the full set up story since DFTA’s inception. More information here.

 DFTA Production Diaries - ‘#1 EPI’

In this first episode, Directors Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl, along with the Character Concept Artist José Alves da Silva, introduce Don't Feed These Animals short film and the partnership with our supporters Maxon, NVIDIA, Redshift and Wacom. Later on GridMarkets and Orion VM also came on board, but we'll get to that further on.

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