Rich & Thick Stock
Main Credits
Full Credits

Client: Campbell’s
Agency: Leo Burnett

Production: TonicDNA
Director: Todd Shaffer
Producer: Nadim Chartouni

Post-Production & Animation: Nebula Studios
Project Manager: Liliana Ramires

Client: Campbell’s
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production:  TonicDNA
Director: Todd Shaffer


Editor/Post Fx: Guilherme Afonso
CG Lead: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Characters: William Silva
Rigging: Sebastião Lopes
Animation: David Omair
Modeling/Scene Assembly: Afonso Amaro
Shading, Lighting, Rendering; Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Comp/Grading: Guilherme Afonso / Miguel Madaíl de Freitas


Executive Producer: Stefanie Bitton
Producer: Nadim Chartouni
Live Action Production: West Side Studio
Post Production: Recess Post
Producer: Connie Dercho
Editor: Mark Hajek
Colorist: Gary Chuntz

A “whole new world” of saucy recipes

Turn your cooking skills into magic with the new Campbell’s Rich & Thick Stock sauces! Rich in flavour, thicker in texture, each pack opens up a whole new world of wonders for delicious recipes!

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Campbell’s – such an iconic, world renowned brand, and to contribute for such a visually appealing campaign.

Rich & Thick production

We work closely with Campbell’s and Tonic DNA, in Canada. We remotely supervised the live action footage ensuring all following post production would be as smooth as Campbell’s sauce!

For the magical part full CG characters, food and environments were created. A vital part of the project, specially for Cambpell’s, was to have stylized yet realistic food for all the recipes. We carefully created all ingredients and sauce in 3D for the best result and liberty for action and camera movement.

Nebula Studios

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